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Bath & body

Bath and body products help men and women feel clean and fresh throughout the day. When choosing body wash, look for products that are sulfate-free for gentle cleaning. Body washes come in an array of pleasing scents. Think floral, citrus, or green tea for women and musk or spices for men.

If you enjoy relaxing in the bath, try extra-gentle bubble bath free of dyes and fragrances. For optimal serenity, soak in Epsom salts scented with soothing essential oils like lavender.

If you're looking for underarm products, shop for a deodorant to combat body odor and antiperspirant to help prevent excessive sweating. Some underarm products offer both features in one. While many deodorants and antiperspirants are scented, choose unscented options if you have sensitive skin or are wearing another scent, such as perfume or cologne.