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Baby Health and Safety

We know there's nothing more important to you than the health and safety of your baby. That's why Just Deals Store has everything you need to maintain your peace of mind, from baby gates, baby monitors and baby proofing supplies to bath supplies and baby health care items.

Even before your baby is born, it's a good idea to have certain health supplies on hand. You'll want a thermometer, a medicine dropper, a medicine spoon, a nasal aspirator and a baby nail scissor or clipper, which you can purchase individually or as a kit. If your baby sleeps in a different room, it's helpful to have a baby monitor so that you can hear them cry, and you may want to consider one with a motion sensor, which will alert you if they stop moving.

Once baby becomes mobile, childproofing is crucial to prevent accidents from choking, suffocation, falls, burns or poisoning. Crawl around the floor at baby level and clear away any small objects your child could put into his or her mouth, such as coins or beads, as well as suffocation hazards such as plastic bags or popped balloons. Use outlet covers in all your outlets and baby locks on any cabinets containing cleaning solutions, sharp objects or anything else that may pose a danger. Install baby gates at the tops and bottoms of staircases and around any rooms or areas containing hazards, such as a kitchen or fireplace.

For more tips, visit our Baby Health and Development Center.